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Maurizio Mongelli - Researcher, CNR IEIIT Genova

Maurizio Mongelli (Mm) obtained his Master degree in “Computer Engineering” in 2000 and the Ph.D. degree in “Electronic and Computer Engineering” in 2004, both at the University of Genova (UniGe).

During the Ph.D., he worked in the Satellite and Networking Laboratory (SCNL) at the Department of Computer, Communications and System Sciences (DIST) of UniGe. His Ph. D. was funded by Selex Communications S.p.A (Selex). From 2005 to 2009 Mm was ‘research assistant’ (“assegnista di ricerca”). He worked also for both Selex and the Italian Consortium of Telecommunications (CNIT) from 2001 up to 2010. He was researcher of CNIT under a temporary position with three years (2010/2012).

Mm is a researcher on telecommunications networks and on control of discrete event systems with 11 years of experience, including managing research projects funded by national industry, the European Community and the European Space Agency (ESA). He has a considerable experience in software for simulation and Linux-based emulation of telecommunication networks.

During the PhD and in the subsequent years, Mm worked on Quality of Service for military networks for Selex. He provided results both in terms of accademic and industry achievements. Beyond pubblications, the study was used for the development of a NATO standard and, in this context, Mm worked on a Linux prototype, used by Selex in an international NATO testbed involving different companies and end users. Mm used this knowledge for teaching at the ‘Military School for Telecommunications’ of Chiavari, Italy (from 2008 up to now, 250 hours). Other teaching activites (over 200 hours) has been performed mainly at UniGe or for other private companies (Ericsson S.p.A., 80 hours).

From 2007 to 2008 (18 months) Mm coordinated a joint laboratory between UniGe and Selex, dedicated to Ethernet resilience. The involved activities were: sw development, research, technical coordination and project management with people from industry and university.

He was recently the CNIT technical coordinator of a research project concerning satellite emulator systems (called ‘emulator for an ETSI BSM-compliant SI-SAP interface’, 2009-2010, ARTES-5), funded by ESA; the involved activities were: research, technical coordination, project management and sw development; he spent also three months working on this project at the German Aerospace Centre in Munich, Germany.

Mm is co-author of 16 journal magazines, mainly with IEEE and Wiley, 5 edited books, 2 patents and over 50 conference proceeding (over 65% IEEE, for the largest part: ICC, Globecom, Milcom and CDC). They cover the following topics:

1) Quality of Service (QoS) mapping in heterogeneous telecommunication networks,
2) optimal control algorithms for discrete event systems (with applications to dynamic resource allocation in telecommunication networks),
3) pricing in heterogeneous telecommunication networks,
4) QoS in peer-to-peer and GRID systems,
5) resilience in Ethernet networks,
6) optimal coding/decoding strategies in sensor networks,
7) coordination of control/communication strategies for actor/sensor networks.

Those themes denote the Mm’s attitude to interdisciplinary studies integrating different disciplines.
Maurizio Mongelli
CNR-IEIIT Via De Marini, 6
16149 Genova GE, Italia
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